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The ZOF SUPer (Stand Up Paddling) PRO and FUN race as part of the ZADAR OUTDOOR FESTIVAL is organized by the Break a leg agency, in co-organization with the Municipality of Preko and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Preko. The race starts on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 9:30 a.m., on Jaz beach in Preko, on the island of Ugljan.


All persons who meet the following conditions can participate in the SUPer PRO and FUN races:

- over 18 years of age

- persons aged 14 to 18 can participate if they have a signed permit from their parents or guardians

- have registered for the race (completed online form at + paid entry fee)

If the competitor does not have his own SUP (inflatable board), the organizer will provide him with an inflatable board and a paddle.

If the competitor has his own SUP - he can compete on it with the rule that this race is exclusively for inflatable boards up to 12.6'' long.

By registering and paying the registration fee, the competitor directly agrees that he competes in the race under his own responsibility, that he is familiar with the rules and regulations of the race that he will adhere to, as well as the possible risks that the competition contains, and renounces the possibility of transferring responsibility to the organizer of the race, as well as towards competitors or third parties. With his application, the competitor confirms that he is in the appropriate psycho-physical condition suitable for this type of competition.


Pick-up of start packages is organized at the beach JAZ, Preko, on Sunday, September 24. from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Content of the start package: start number, competition T-shirt, bag for storing personal belongings in the wardrobe, bottle of water, gifts from sponsors. To collect the start package and start number, it is mandatory to present a personal document. Downloading the start number for another person is only possible upon presentation of the personal document of the registered person.


Each competitor receives his starting number. The starting number MUST BE WEARED throughout the competition, on the upper part of the body, in the front, it must not be covered and it must be clearly visible.


With his application, the competitor declares that he is familiar with the list of MANDATORY CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT:

- swimming trunks/swimsuit and/or shorts and T-shirt and/or short diving suit

- neoprene slippers or bare feet



SUPer PRO and FUN races start from the pre-set starting line from the sea. The finish line will be set in the sea near the land, and there will be round tours around the picturesque islet of Galevac. The PRO RACE is about 4,000 meters long (two laps), and the FUN RACE is about 2,200 meters long (one lap). Time will be measured. Each participant registers for the race independently.

All FUN SUP competitors can paddle standing on their feet or kneeling.

The results of the race will be published immediately after the end of the race on the organizer's website.


The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the course without prior notice, in accordance with weather conditions.


By paying the registration fee, the competitor confirms that he accepts these rules and the application is considered valid.

In case of a no-show to the race, the money paid is not returned.


Refreshments and water are provided for the competitors.


A cloakroom for storing personal belongings for the duration of the race is provided in the immediate vicinity of the start of the race and will be waiting for the competitors at the finish line. Storage is possible only in the bag that is part of the start package and with the presentation of the start number at handover and pick-up. For things not picked up within the specified time, it is necessary to contact the representative of the organizer at the contact number: +385 98 220 970.


The races are held in nature, and accordingly it is mandatory to adhere to the basic rules of nature and environment protection and to respect the rules of behavior in protected natural areas. During the race, competitors must not pollute the environment and destroy the surrounding flora and fauna, they must not throw waste and dispose of garbage at any destination between the start and finish of the race, nor throw it into the sea.

Let's be attentive to nature, preserve it and enjoy it in its most beautiful form!


By registering for the race, the contestants agree that all filmed and photographic material may be publicly shown and used for promotional purposes of the race. The race organizer reserves all rights to use, copy and distribute all recorded video and photo materials.


Zadar, April 2023.

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