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Vertical Challenge 13.05.2023. 11:00 13.05.2023. 14:00 5 km 1150 m More...

Finished :: 99 registered, 60 paid, 63 numbered, 36 - REG 58 - FIN 3 - DNS 2 - TLE

BIH 10 Bosnia and Herzegovina
CRO 74 Croatia
GER 1 Germany
IRL 1 Ireland
MNE 3 Montenegro
SRB 8 Serbia
SVK 2 Slovakia

BIH 3 Bosnia and Herzegovina
CRO 47 Croatia
GER 1 Germany
SRB 7 Serbia
SVK 2 Slovakia

BIH 2 Bosnia and Herzegovina
CRO 50 Croatia
GER 1 Germany
IRL 1 Ireland
SRB 7 Serbia
SVK 2 Slovakia

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When asked to describe the trails of the Absolute Biokovo Challenge in a few short words, most would probably use these words: amazing views, steep, difficult, breathtaking, wild, Biokovo never disappoints.

However, even those words are not enough to convey the beauty, wilderness and magic of one of the most beautiful and highest mountains in Croatia. The race passes through the most impressive parts of the mountain, which are also part of the Nature Park. It climbs and descends steep paths carved and built through the cliffs, winds along small ridges between sinkholes, runs through a forest of pine, beech and mountain maple…

The race starts from Makar, an old village above Makarska. The trail follows marked mountain trail up the hill to the mountain hut Vošac (alt. 1422 m). The trail offers great views on Makarska and Dalmatian islands all the way to Vošac. Part of the trail goes through pine tree forest and as it goes higher it opens wide views on distant islands and on the most of Dalmatian coast. After many zig-zags trail leads to Štrbina pass from where is the steepest 150 meters until the finish line at Vošac hut. When you finaly catch your breath at finish be ready to lose it again, this time because of wonderful view.

This course is for fit and experienced runners but also for those who are less competetive and want to enjoy slower pace and views. Time limit is 3 hours.


Date: May 13th 2023.
Start: 11:00, Makar
Finish: Vošac (mountain hut)
Length: 5 km
Ascent: 1150 m+
Descent: 0m
ITRA points: 0
Mountain level: 25
Time limit: 3 hours

Organised transfers: 

– Transfer of bags from start to finish
– Transfer of participants from Vošac to Makar after the race

Start fee:
– Early bird: 150 kn, (20 EUR), before February 1st
– Late registration : 190 kn, (25 EUR), after February 1st
– Group registration: 20% discount on the prices above (min 10 pax)


Mandatory equipment: mobile phone with fully charged battery and ring tone on, water container with minimum 0.5 litres (flask, bottle..)

All race rules can be found here:

Race rules - Absolute Biokovo Challenge (

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