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Number of registered competitors: 40
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Start: 29.10.2022. 11:00

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"Lung Run Ugljevik" Saturday October 29, 2022 

Race organisation

CEE Bankwatch Network & Modern Escape Europe 


What is The Lung Run?

The Lung Run is a thematic running race designed to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution caused by coal power plants and to promote community redevelopment in a coal-free future. It carries a strong social and environmental message and it also has a charitable component. As such, it is driven by equity, equality, solidarity, humility, mutual respect and respect for the environment, principles embedded in the rules and regulations of the race

About the race: 

Lung Run is a road/trail race that will take place on trails and roads in which both recreational and professional runners can participate. 


Length 10km 

Start/Finish Ugljevik 

Place  Ugljevik 

Date/Time 29 October 2022 at 11:00

Cut off time (3,5 hours)

The organiser will publish information for the race with full descriptions of courses with time limits at control points.

Road/Trail run race 10k - beginners 

Start of race

Competitors are obliged to come to the indicated locations according to the established schedule:

10km trail race > Saturday , October  29, 2022. gather in the start and finish zone (Ugljevik) no later than 10:30 AM. The start of the race is at 11:00AM.


*In the start zone, the organisers will accept the equipment that the competitors want to leave for safekeeping, which will be waiting for them in the finish zone after the race. The organiser is responsible only for the equipment that is handed over to an accredited person and which is packed in a bag with the start number recorded. 


 Registration fees

Promotional prices of entry fees from July 1, 2022 to September 1, 2022:

The fee increases as race week or day approaches.

10 kilometres - 20BAM (€10) until 1 September 2022

10 kilometres - 30BAM (€15) after 1 September 2022


The registration fee includes the following:


In the spirit of solidarity, participation in this race is also a commitment to help the local community with their social and environmental issues. Registration fees will be used as a donation to the community to support the cause of the race and they are non-refundable.

10 km race fee includes the following:


BIB number 

Cotton bag 

Race Shirt

Sponsors’ gifts

fruit and snack on race course 

refreshment points on race course

mountain rescue service

finisher’s medal for runners that finish race in time limit


Payment procedure


Registration fee shall be paid to the bank accounts of  the organisers.


For payments in Bosnia and Herzegovina:




Purpose of payment: Registration fee for the race “Lung Run Ugljevik” - name and surname 

Transaction bank account: 3385802253327727 UNICREDIT BANKA


tel.:+387 603081896


For international transfers: 

Modern Escape Canada Inc.!/Lung-Run-Ugljevik-2022/p/478067150/category=135726005

e – mail:

Maximum number of participants

100 runners for 10km



Collection of the race bib and race pack

Pick-up of start numbers and packages will take place on Friday, October 28, 2022. And Saturday, October 29th, 2022. From 8am to 9am. 

*We will post the time and location as the date approaches. 

To participate in the races, competitors should have experience in movement in a mountain environment, they must have solid or excellent physical condition and suitable footwear and clothing for movement on forest, dirt roads or hiking trails as well as accessories in races on which the organiser prescribed as mandatory.


Obligatory equipment:

Start number (BIB) 


The organiser reserves the right to verify the required personal equipment of the competitors during the race and at the finish.  


It is recommended that, besides the mandatory equipment, competitors also carry the following:

Mobile phone, fully charged. The phone should be switched on during the whole race. 

Glass or water bowl (There will be no plastic cups on refreshment stations, start/finish line or check points!).

Cap, hat or bandanna.



The competitor will be disqualified if he/she does not follow the following rules of the organisers:


Does not pass through one of the checkpoints

Uses shortcuts

Throws garbage along the track during the race 

Does not finish the race in the limit

Does not help a competitor in distress

Insults or threatens staff / volunteers

Uses a means of transport during the race

Refuses to be examined by medical staff on the track

Refuses to check the mandatory equipment by accredited staff on the track

Cancellation POLICY

Cancellation due to weather or other unexpected events 

Because this is an outdoor event we may be required to postpone or cancel in the case of severely inclement weather. 

In case of emergencies, worsening of the epidemiological situation, weather conditions, earthquakes, floods and extreme weather events, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the race or change the route. Any obstacles that may make the track impassable, alternative routes will be used and will be explained at the technical meeting before the start of the race. Competitors MUST strictly adhere to the officially marked tracks. Due to the rules of the race, personal safety and the safety of other competitors and the staff organising the race, it is strictly forbidden to use shortcuts and tracks that are not marked. All deviations from the officially marked track, except that it entails disqualification, will be at the competitor's own risk.