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BEL 2 Belgium
BIH 26 Bosnia and Herzegovina
CRO 1 Croatia
CZE 2 Czechia
FRA 1 France
IND 1 India
MKD 1 North Macedonia
MNE 1 Montenegro
POL 2 Poland
ROU 1 Romania
SLO 1 Slovenia
SRB 1 Serbia

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"Lung Run Ugljevik" Saturday October 29, 2022 

Race organisation

CEE Bankwatch Network & Modern Escape Europe 


What is The Lung Run?

The Lung Run is a thematic running race designed to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution caused by coal power plants and to promote community redevelopment in a coal-free future. It carries a strong social and environmental message and it also has a charitable component. As such, it is driven by equity, equality, solidarity, humility, mutual respect and respect for the environment, principles embedded in the rules and regulations of the race

About the race: 

Lung Run is a road/trail race that will take place on trails and roads in which both recreational and professional runners can participate. 


Length 10km 

Start/Finish Ugljevik 

Place  Ugljevik 

Date/Time 29 October 2022 at 11:00

Cut off time (3,5 hours)

The organiser will publish information for the race with full descriptions of courses with time limits at control points.

Road/Trail run race 10k - beginners 

Start of race

Competitors are obliged to come to the indicated locations according to the established schedule:

10km trail race > Saturday , October  29, 2022. gather in the start and finish zone (Ugljevik) no later than 10:30 AM. The start of the race is at 11:00AM.


*In the start zone, the organisers will accept the equipment that the competitors want to leave for safekeeping, which will be waiting for them in the finish zone after the race. The organiser is responsible only for the equipment that is handed over to an accredited person and which is packed in a bag with the start number recorded. 


 Registration fees

Promotional prices of entry fees from July 1, 2022 to September 1, 2022:

The fee increases as race week or day approaches.

10 kilometres - 20BAM (€10) until 1 September 2022

10 kilometres - 30BAM (€15) after 1 September 2022


The registration fee includes the following:


In the spirit of solidarity, participation in this race is also a commitment to help the local community with their social and environmental issues. Registration fees will be used as a donation to the community to support the cause of the race and they are non-refundable.

10 km race fee includes the following:


BIB number 

Cotton bag 

Race Shirt

Sponsors’ gifts

fruit and snack on race course 

refreshment points on race course

mountain rescue service

finisher’s medal for runners that finish race in time limit


Payment procedure


Registration fee shall be paid to the bank accounts of  the organisers.


For payments in Bosnia and Herzegovina:




Purpose of payment: Registration fee for the race “Lung Run Ugljevik” - name and surname 

Transaction bank account: 3385802253327727 UNICREDIT BANKA


tel.:+387 603081896


For international transfers: 

Modern Escape Canada Inc.!/Lung-Run-Ugljevik-2022/p/478067150/category=135726005

e – mail:

Maximum number of participants

100 runners for 10km



Collection of the race bib and race pack

Pick-up of start numbers and packages will take place on Friday, October 28, 2022. And Saturday, October 29th, 2022. From 8am to 9am. 

*We will post the time and location as the date approaches. 

To participate in the races, competitors should have experience in movement in a mountain environment, they must have solid or excellent physical condition and suitable footwear and clothing for movement on forest, dirt roads or hiking trails as well as accessories in races on which the organiser prescribed as mandatory.


Obligatory equipment:

Start number (BIB) 


The organiser reserves the right to verify the required personal equipment of the competitors during the race and at the finish.  


It is recommended that, besides the mandatory equipment, competitors also carry the following:

Mobile phone, fully charged. The phone should be switched on during the whole race. 

Glass or water bowl (There will be no plastic cups on refreshment stations, start/finish line or check points!).

Cap, hat or bandanna.



The competitor will be disqualified if he/she does not follow the following rules of the organisers:


Does not pass through one of the checkpoints

Uses shortcuts

Throws garbage along the track during the race 

Does not finish the race in the limit

Does not help a competitor in distress

Insults or threatens staff / volunteers

Uses a means of transport during the race

Refuses to be examined by medical staff on the track

Refuses to check the mandatory equipment by accredited staff on the track

Cancellation POLICY

Cancellation due to weather or other unexpected events 

Because this is an outdoor event we may be required to postpone or cancel in the case of severely inclement weather. 

In case of emergencies, worsening of the epidemiological situation, weather conditions, earthquakes, floods and extreme weather events, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the race or change the route. Any obstacles that may make the track impassable, alternative routes will be used and will be explained at the technical meeting before the start of the race. Competitors MUST strictly adhere to the officially marked tracks. Due to the rules of the race, personal safety and the safety of other competitors and the staff organising the race, it is strictly forbidden to use shortcuts and tracks that are not marked. All deviations from the officially marked track, except that it entails disqualification, will be at the competitor's own risk. 

The Lung Run is a solutions-oriented trail race designed to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution caused by coal power plants. It carries a strong social and environmental message and it also has a charitable component. As such, it is driven by equity, equality, solidarity, humility, mutual respect and respect for the environment, principles embedded in the rules and regulations of the race.


With this in mind, we expect all participants to behave responsibly and in the spirit of sports ethics and fair play. This means to respect the race regulations and the Council of Europe’s Code of Sports Ethics, but also to actively participate in maintaining the principles of fair play throughout the event:

“Fair play is defined as much more than playing within the rules. It incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and sportsmanship. Sports ethics is defined as a way of thinking, not just a way of behaving. It incorporates issues concerned with the elimination of cheating, the use of unfair strategies whilst respecting the rules, doping, misuse of nutritional supplements, violence (both physical and verbal), sexual harassment and abuse of children, young people and women, trafficking in young sportspeople, discrimination, exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialisation and corruption.”


By participating in The Lung Run, runners agree to the rules and regulations outlined here.


Equity and equality


The races are open to all runners over the age of 18. 

The regulations are conceived so they apply equally to all concerned. All athletes are provided with the same conditions and they have the same rights and duties.

It is the responsibility of the organisers to guarantee this principle of equity, to carry out all necessary checks and to offer all the participants the best race conditions possible.




All runners should register fully aware of the length and specification of the race and the preparedness, abilities and skills to tackle a race of the format for which they register. By registering for the race, each competitor confirms that they are aware of the dangers of competition in nature and takes personal responsibility for any injury, accident or death.


In the spirit of solidarity, participation in this race is also a commitment to help the local community with their social and environmental issues. We intend to use the registration fees as a donation to the community to support the cause of the races and they are non-refundable.

Race day rules


The time limit for finishing the 10km race is 3,5 hours after the start (11:00 local time). Anyone who fails to arrive within this time limit will be disqualified.


Runners must have their race number visible and attached to the front of the body. For safety reasons, they also have to carry a mobile phone that is turned on at all times. We recommend that runners carry a water bottle or a hydration pack with at least 1 litre of water and a rain jacket suitable for mountain conditions.


The official markings for the races and they will be placed at an appropriate distance so that competitors will not have major problems with orientation. Using GPS navigation is allowed and recommended. However, the GPS track gives approximate orientation and this does not exclude following the official markings which may be changed for various reasons on race day. If any of the contestants do not see a marking for a longer period, it is advisable to return to the last point where there is one.


If a competitor is not registered at a control point, is intentionally taking short-cuts during the race or is using any means of transport he/she will be disqualified.


In case a runner wants to drop out from the race because of any reason, he/she must contact a race official at the nearest aid station and inform him/her to be registered as such in the system and be provided with means to return to the start/finish line.


The organiser reserves the right to change the race route, control points and the time of start at any time because of objective reasons.




Every participant should be able to depend on himself/herself in almost every part of the race, to rely on its equipment, food and drinks, preparedness and resilience between the checkpoints and to be able to adapt to nature and weather conditions.


However, solidarity is a core value of this event and in trail running, and it is expected and required of each participant to help other participants and to prioritise aiding runners in need over their performance in the races. Failure to do so will be penalised with an addition of 2 hours to the finish time.


Respect for oneself


Running, especially trail running, entails certain risks and challenges. The search for performance and/or pleasure on no account justifies the distortion of one’s good health. Each runner will be vigilant so as not to take any doping product and not to resort to the abusive use of self-medication.


This also means that runners must take care not to exceed their limits to the point of affecting their physical or moral integrity and should not refrain from asking for assistance in time. For this purpose, we will provide medical assistance teams along the route and we will provide an SOS phone number on the bibs. We will do its best to reduce the risks and to provide a safe environment for the race, but runners must remain vigilant of their wellbeing too.


To reduce some risks, but also to provide the best care in case of an emergency, we strongly recommend that every participant has suitable health insurance which would cover the expenses in case of personal harm during sports activities in nature and to check their health status before the race.


Respect for others


The race takes place in surroundings that have their own, very specific culture and traditions and we expect all participants to act respectfully toward the local population, its culture and its customs, not to bother them or to disturb their daily lives.

We expect runners, organisers and volunteers of many different backgrounds to attend the race and all of them must give their best to understand and accept their differences and act respectfully among themselves.

Participants must also acknowledge that all race staff has their obligations and mandate to perform given tasks according to their competences. Their job is to implement an enjoyable and safe event, but they also may stop the race and exclude competitors they assessed as unfit to continue the race. They must respect them and their decisions at all times and disrespectful behaviour towards the race staff or acting in violation of their instructions will mean disqualification.

Each runner must also respect all people encountered during the trail run, who are also enjoying the open country at the same time (other trail-runners, hikers, cyclists, etc.).


Respect for the environment


The region is already under huge environmental pressure, so we must all do our best to make this event completely environmentally responsible. Everyone involved in the races, runners, organisers, partners and accompanying persons commit to protecting the natural equilibrium. Together, the members of the trail-running community can act as ambassadors for the promotion and conservation of natural environments, and all of them should behave in such a way. Each runner must adopt the most relevant behaviour to minimise his or her impact on the terrain through which he or she passes.


Competitors who need to litter shall bring the trash and leave it at the next checkpoint at the specified bags for waste. If anyone is reported of littering, he/she will be penalised with an addition of 2 hours to the finish time.


The nature in the region is valuable, but also fragile. We will disqualify anyone who is reported of intentionally damaging the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Let us try our conduct to be an example for others and to contribute for a clean and unpolluted nature – for us and future generations.


Winners and awards


Participants who finish in the first three places of the races in both male and female categories, will be proclaimed as winners of the race. They will be rewarded with an appropriate medal and gifts from sponsors of the event.


All participants will be awarded a finisher medal.


The event does not award cash prizes to the best participants.


Photographs and videos


By registering for the races, each competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic copyright over the official photographs or videos of the event. All official photos and videos of the event are the property of the organiser and they must not be used, exploited and taken without prior approval. The organiser has the right to use these photos and videos for their needs.



These are exceptional times in which we are organising a race. We will endeavour to ensure that the race is put on to the best of our ability and that all runners participate in this worthwhile experience.

We do however reserve the right to cancel the race following consultations with relevant local and state authorities in line with recommended practices.


If the race is cancelled, we will donate registrations to the local municipality for the procurement of monitoring devices.


The cancellation of the race does not mean that you can not support the cause by running in your area of residence and if it comes to this, we will provide timely instructions on how to show support.


CEE Bankwatch Network

Payment and correction of race results
  • Organiser Bankwatch is responsible for accuracy of race data, opening and closing of registrations and recording of the race fee payment.
  • This website does not have access to the organiser bank account.
  • Please ask the organiser Bankwatch directly regarding the payments and other race information.
  • Any other questions regarding race results should be sent to



Phone: 00420 274 822 150

Address: Na Rozcesti 6, Praha, CZE - Czechia

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