SRK Alba

VerticAlba 3.kolo: Labin 07.07.2013. 19:00 07.07.2013. 21:00 5.88 km 290 m 290 m More...

Finished :: 31 registered, 27 paid, 31 numbered, 31 - FIN

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SRK Alba

Sportsko rekreativni klub Alba

Payment and correction of race results
  • Organiser SRK Alba is responsible for accuracy of race data, opening and closing of registrations and recording of the race fee payment.
  • This website does not have access to the organiser bank account.
  • Please ask the organiser SRK Alba directly regarding the payments and other race information.
  • Any other questions regarding race results should be sent to



Phone: +385 (0)98 98 31 255

Address: Presika 51a, HR-52220 Labin, CRO - Croatia

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