VIDALJ - 18km 04.06.2016. 09:00 04.06.2016. 15:00 18 km 955 m 955 m More...

Finished :: 138 registered, 111 paid, 111 numbered, 27 - REG 105 - FIN 6 - DNS

CRO 111 Croatia
ITA 12 Italy
SLO 15 Slovenia

CRO 89 Croatia
ITA 10 Italy
SLO 12 Slovenia

CRO 89 Croatia
ITA 10 Italy
SLO 12 Slovenia

Event - Public Race Registered/Paid Competitors Results

Hahlici, also know as „Grobnik Alps“ are a beautiful part of the west plate of Gorski kotar composed of many different peaks, and each tells its own story with appearance and attractiveness. Hahlici climb is so beautiful because the path takes you across grassy planes overlooking Kvarner bay, the islands and the deeply indented Mudna dol canyon.

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