100 Miles of Istria: BLUE 12.04.2019. 22:00 14.04.2019. 05:00 110 km 4394 m 4394 m More...

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Number of registered competitors: 452
Number of paid fees: 215
Registration Until: 28.02.2019. 23:59
(11 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes)
Start: 12.04.2019. 22:00
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Dear runners,


as you all already know, the so-called GDPR or the European Personal Data Protection Regulation determines how and under what conditions the data submitted to a third party may or may not be used took place.


Of course, this also affects us who collect your data for the purpose of registering, so keep in mind the following:

  • the information we receive from you will only be used solely for the purposes of your application for the race you are signing up for. We will publish this information only in two cases - announcing the start list and announcing the results of the race. Since race alone would not make sense without your data and they are posted online exclusively for your information, they are voluntarily used by the regulations and their release is permitted
  • every time you sign up through the system, in order to submit your data, you must agree to the terms of use that include the GDPR regulation. If you have any objections to posting your information in the form of start and ranking lists, please let us know so that we can remove them from it. This move, however, loses the meaning of your race appearance and you will lose the ranking, but we have to do it if you ask for it
  • from the moment you sign up for the race to the race itself, you will receive a few emails with information related to race itself, but all in the context of your voluntary participation on it
  • information that will be announced publicly before the race - your name and surname, your club, your country, your category and the race you are registering. Other information such as your birth date, email address, address, city and all other required information will remain in our database until the end of the race for the purpose of intervention in case of unforeseen circumstances. The data is deleted after the race and only the results that include the information - your start number, name and last name, country, club, category, sex, and rank are displayed

Your information will not be used for other purposes, nor sold to third parties for re-marketing purposes.

If you have any questions or ambiguities regarding the disclosure of your information on our site, please contact us to resolve it for mutual satisfaction.


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