SRK Alba

VerticAlba: Livade 27.07.2014. 09:30 27.07.2014. 11:00 5.48 km 368 m More...

Finished :: 28 registered, 28 paid, 28 numbered,

Registered Competitors :: VerticAlba: Livade

Event - Public Race Registered Competitors Results

Registration Until: 27.07.2014. 17:00

Start: 27.07.2014. 09:30

Number of registered competitors: 28
Number of paid fees: 28
Number of numbered competitors: 28
Race registration have been closed.

Start NumberLast NameFirst NameSexCategoryFeeStatus
38BarbaroTediMale MS YesFIN finished
14BarićAnaFemale Ž35 YesFIN finished
31BelušićBarbaraFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
37BernobicMajaFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
2ČotarMartinMale M35 YesFIN finished
35ČubriloJagodaFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
32DelabernardinaGoranMale MS YesFIN finished
29DokicDaliborkaFemale Ž35 YesFIN finished
34DukovskiAleksandarMale MS YesFIN finished
57FabroMicheleMale MS YesFIN finished
30GodrijanJelenaFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
92GrkovicRankoMale M35 YesFIN finished
60GržinićElenaFemale Ž35 YesFIN finished
54IkovićŽeljkoMale M50 YesFIN finished
33jermanmaksimMale MS YesFIN finished
39JurišićBiseraFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
40JurišićIrenaFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
56JurmanSandiMale M35 YesFIN finished
59KrizmanicSimonMale MS YesFIN finished
58MilotićSašaMale MS YesFIN finished
89PaliskaAlenMale M40 YesFIN finished
156PavsicSladjanaFemale Ž40 YesFIN finished
151ProdanRobertMale M35 YesFIN finished
36SejlaAdilovicFemale ŽS YesFIN finished
28SošićDeanMale MS YesFIN finished